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About 1mm Plastic Surgery

Paying attention to [detail up to the millimeter] 1mm Plastic Surgery aims to achieve perfection through delicate surgery [not allowing even 1mm of error] which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Customized surgery and Natural beauty

Even when using the same procedure and the same material, results differ depending on the Medical staff.

- Over than 6000+ Positive Reviews

- Natural and Satisfactory Results

1mm Plastic Surgery customizes every procedure to find the best solution for a patients unique needs and aesthetic goals, and delivers the most natural, beautiful results to preserve your unique charm.

Professional specialists

Precise design and exquisite hand skill based on years of know-how and clinical experience

- Best Member of the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons

- Attending International Academic Conferences

1mm Plastic Surgerys specialists contribute to the development of medical technology advancement by distributing know-how to plastic surgeons in Korea and abroad through academic activities and seminars. Through ceaseless research and analysis, 1mms medical team is attaining flawless results. 

Trustworthy system

 Safe surgery and high patient satisfaction are our priority.

- An Official partner of Gangnam-gu for Medical tourism

- An Official Medical Institution of Korean Tourism Organization

1mm Plastic Surgery is certified by the government as a medical institution for foreign patient. Specialists in charge will be responsible for the entire process and treatment. We offer a One-year surgical warranty and provide a real-name system.

Safety first

University hospital-level safety system and thorough, systematic approach for safety management.

We have a UPS emergency power system, automatic gas supply system, AEDs and first aid kit, specialized drug, so that we can safely complete the operation.


Comfortable service

1mm Plastic Surgery always strives for the best comfort and convenience.

1mms recovery management system enables a quick and safe return to your regular routine. We offer specialized services to keep our international clients satisfied.

If you'd like to get Free Online Consultation
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