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[Casting] Become a 1mm Model


1mm plastic surgery is ready to help you enhance your beauty naturally while looking authentically you. We're looking for our real model. Please kindly send the application letter to us. 

Why 1mm? 

- Over than 6000+ Positive Reviews

- Natural and Satisfactory Results

- Best member of the Korea Association of Plastic Surgeons 

- Academician, Korean Academic Association of Oculoplastic surgery

- Active member, American Society of Plastic Surgeons

- An Official partner of Gangnam-gu for Medical tourism

- An Official Medical Institution of Korean Tourism Organization

- University hospital-level safety system and thorough, systematic approach for safety management.

💚 WhatsApp: +82 10 4391 1171
💚 Email:
💚 Line: 1mmps_Eng
💚 Kakao: 1mmpsEng
💚 Wechat: 1mmps_ENG
💚 Facebook: 1mmps.eng
💚 Instagram: 1mmps_eng
💚 YouTube:
💚 Site:

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